We’ll Help You Sell Your Car, or Help you Return Your Lease. We're Top Experts at saving Your Time.

Selling Your Car At The Riverside Auto Center: You will not get the most money for your car. You will always get more money selling it yourself compared to selling it to a dealer at the Riverside Auto Center, but the reasons you should still consider selling your car at the Riverside Auto Center: TIME! We can appraise your car and write you a chashiers check in the same day and we all know time is money. We can also save you the hassle of having to detail your car, take pictures, upload the pictures to a website, field multiple calls and emails, and negotiate with multiple buyers. SAFETY! when selling your car privately, strangers will come to your house, often with large amounts of cash. The potential for danger or harm is high. When you factor in the time and safety "costs" it is often a much better choice to sell or trade-in your car at the Riverside Auto Center. And of course, you can always sell your car here with no obligation to buy from us.

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